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Appearances to over 11.7 million people

Howdy Kemo Sabay -

Hello, my name is Garry Cherricks (ssh my name is a secret). Silver and I have been seen by over 11.7 million spectators at Parades, Theatrical shows and all types of Events in the U.S.A.

My goal is to promote the era known as the wild west which ran from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. Silver and I perform humorous skits and do a scenario of how The Lone Ranger became The Lone Ranger with his side-kick Tonto to provide entertainment and education to our audiences.

My non-profit group is available for hire at local Festivals, Parades and other Events across the USA. Our aim is to portray The Lone Ranger as accurately as possible according to the portrayal by Clayton Moore from 1949 to 1957.

Being known as John Reid I am proud to portray The Lone Ranger with my white horse entertaining audiences of all ages.

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It is an honor to be a citizen of the United States of America. With pride I extend a thank you to all of our Veterans that have helped to protect our homeland. "Our American Flag does not fly because of the wind that blows it. Our Flag flies because of each of our fallen soldiers's last breath."

The Lone Ranger has become the most familiar and recognizable character—real or fictional—of the Old West and catches the attention of todays kids faster than any other type of entertainment?

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You have an opportunity to bring "the only authentic original looking Lone Ranger and Silver in the Country," as portrayed by Clayton Moore, to the kids and adults in your area.

My appearances are always:

1) Educational
2) Family entertainment
3) Good humor
4) Western Action
5) Magical

In doing my "All American Appearance", it is my intention to honor those who have played The Lone Ranger on both radio and television. Everyone that has portrayed The Lone Ranger via radio and television deserves a big thank you and I dedicate this site to them.

Here you will also be continuously updated about me and my organization, which is a non-profit group of people, desiring to continue the spirit of this great American folklore icon - THE LONE RANGER and his horse Silver!

I will provide those of you that are not familiar with the history of The Lone Ranger and Tonto a chance to learn about them and the principals for which they believed.

The Lone Ranger was a friend to decent people everywhere. To protect them and himself he wore two six-shooters especially made for him.

He never shot to kill but wounded if necessary. Silver bullets were his ammunition of choice. He used the bullets as a means of identifying himself to local law enforcement.

When the Lone Ranger needed to go undercover he donned a variety of disguises, often that of a bearded character.

You will soon realize as you browse about this site, I am a true Lone Ranger fan and I believe in promoting the morality, the honesty and the Creed in which The Lone Ranger believed.

However, no one believed in this any more than Clayton Moore, who also lived by that standard in his personal life.

I hope you will find my site entertaining and educational as you browse through the different sections.

Please bookmark this site and come back often. It would be a help to me if you would tell your friends about my website, especially the ones you know are Lone Ranger fans.

Like to see me and Silver at an event near you? Then mention our web page to events, Chamber of Commerce and any other organizations in your local area and ask them to contact my manager about a booking. Or give them our phone number located on the "Contact Us" Page.

I hope to see all of you Lone Ranger fans down the trail as I travel to cities and towns across the USA.

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Keeping his true identity a secret, this mysterious masked man never seeks praise or recognition for his courageous good deeds.

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Return with me now to those great days of yesteryear - The Lone Ranger is back in the saddle again.

Thank you from,
Garry Cherricks

Todays "most authentic original looking Lone Ranger & Silver in the Country" and "A Tribute Performer".

P.S. - If you find any broken links on this fansite please use the "Contact Us" page and let me know where the broken link is located.

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