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When you book "The only authentic original looking Lone Ranger and Silver in the Country", your job of providing entertainment instantly becomes easier.

Complete the information about your event, complete the box words below, then click submit and our booking manager, Tex Holland, will contact you with the arrangements to do your event. It is really quick and easy... Check now for availability for your event.

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Some show types have been temporarily discontinued

The Lone Ranger and Silver rides again! He is delivering a good moral message of non-violence, no drugs, no intoxicating beverages, no smoking and no profanity to kids and adults.

"The only authentic original looking Lone Ranger and Silver in the Country", A Tribute Performer, does a unique fun-filled Educational Vaudeville-style Western appearance with Lots of Surprises!!

The perfect choice for your Fair, Festival, Theme Park, Rodeo, Parade, Corporation, Private or Special Event ...or whatever else you can wrangle up!

Click here to see one of my meet and greet videos

Click here to see a short Parade clip taken by a spectator

Every detail has been taken to make his appearance authentic.

The only western performer in the Country using a real western silver saddle on his horse like The Lone Ranger's from the cowboy days of yesteryear.

He continuously entertains the crowds of people and if you desire will walk/ride his white horse around your event. No one else in the Country does a tribute appearance like this, it is unique. A once in a lifetime enjoyment for the people in attendance.

Appearances can be tailored to fit your event.

There is never an event that is too big or too small.

"Type of Apearances"

I can set up to do one of six types of appearances:
You decide which type of appearance (1-6) you want for your event.
  1. A 25 minute speaking engagement (Ranger only)

  2. A 30 minute narration about the Lone Ranger (Ranger & Silver) plus meeet & greet the audience

  3. A 1 hour appearance with my horse for Meet and Greet with autographed pictures, strolling the ground walking / riding Silver and possible gun shooting. Western presentation using props, skits with the adults, skits with the kids and shooting demo. High energy excitement. Ideal for County and State Fairs or other events of this type. ( Note: sometimes runs longer than 1 hour )

  4. A show created for your event that is totally different than listed in number 1 to 3 (tell us want you want and we will create it ) Extra expense possible.

  5. Parade Only (arriving 1 hour before the Parade and l depart once I have finished the Parade) Additonal fee for an after the Parade appearance.

  6. Private Bookings (Birthdays, Business, Celebrations, Conventions, Dignitary Banquets, Commercials, etc)

  7. A show for more than 1 hour is possilbe, but 2 hours is max. Additional fee for the aditional hour - Contact us for more details.

The 1 hour appearance includes: (Discontinued)
  • Optional - Presentation (narration) about the history of The Lone Ranger & Silver.
  • Allowing the people to take pictures of him and Silver.
  • Pictures with kids and adults with him and Silver taken by an assistant, printed and autographed by The Lone Ranger.
  • Gun shooting demonstration - trick shooting coins for the kids.
  • Time for kids & adults to pet Silver.
  • Trivia Q & A session - Those who answer correctly get TLR Deputy Badge.
  • Special attention to the handicap of any age.
  • Showing limited tricks by Silver to the crowd.
  • A 5 minute tribute with music to our Country and to the Veterans.

For most appearances the only essentials needed are:

  • An area of 60 feet wide by 50 feet deep. In this space will be the vehicle and horse trailer where the sound system is located and includes his show area.

  • An electrical outlet - We have cords to reach within 100 feet of the outlet.

  • Seating for those watching the show. (benches, chairs, picnic tables, etc) This applies to the 1 hour appearance which usually runs longer than an hour.

  • Water access for the horse.

  • Food for the Ranger and assistants for an for an appearance over 1 hour in length.

  • If you want the Ranger to leave his show area to go out in the event area, one of your associates will be needed to help with crowd control and assist the road manager. (for shows of at least 1 hour in length)

  • Note: If you chose show type number 3 or 6, some of these essentials may not apply and will be changed according to your show request.

I am also available for a Parade only event with my horse or I can do
a speaking engagement for your group, organization or Church.

Reservations are done on a first booking basis and have to be confirmed with our reservation form. This is sent to you after we have discussed his appearance at your event.

This is the only educational western show for the kids like this in the Country honoring a Classic American Cowboy from The Days of Yesteryear - THE LONE RANGER and Silver.

To us this is a hobby for fun. We are a non-profit western entertainment cowboy group.

Costs / Fees
The donation I request to cover our expenses varies per event and is based on event location, mileage, food, lodging, type of show, number of days you want TLR at your event and number of assistants needed..

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