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We are a non-profit cowboy organization. Contributions or donations are appreciated.

What ever you can donate is helpful to support us in keeping this great American hero's spirit alive - The Lone Ranger and Silver.

It helps us promote The Lone Ranger image to every child; non-violence, no drugs, no drinking, no smoking, no profanity and to take responsibility for your actions.

Silver's Cancer surgery

We almost lost Silver #2 our beautiful white horse.

He was in the New Bolton Equine Center, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania for cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) operation from Nov. 5th until December 13th, 2014 on his left and right eyelids.

Your donation would be appreciated to help cover the medical and travel expenses. We operate on a non-profit basis and any amount you can send us would be appreciated.

The cancer as of now has not re-appeared, but his eyelid has not totally grown back I have been told that he might need reconstructive surgery. He is not in any pain and his vision seems normal so we have decided not to do another major expensive operation for now.

12-13-2014 Medical Bill was $8,432.56

As of May 8, 2015 donations received have been

enought to pay the bill in full

God Bless you all for your help
and financial support

Read about his operation by clicking here

Every dollar donated went directly towards Silver's medical and Surgerical costs.

(picture left 1-6-2015) All of ethe pink area has not healed and needs to have skin grafting. As you can see the lower eyelash area is gone and the incessions below the eye are beginning to heal (picture on right as of 7-5-2015). Daily treatment and cleansing is needed to keep it clean and prevent flies from getting to it.

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