At Parades and Events he is like a magnet to the kids

Looking for someone to put some excitement in your event?
You've just found him!

No new bookings are being scheduled

  • **July 4 - Washington, DC - Independence Day Parade - 11:45 to 2:00pm - for more info contact Under the Sun Productions, info Amy 610-431-1121 or Pat 703.625.9613 (D&K) We have had to withdraw doing this Parade.

  • (This event is pending) **Decenber 1 - West Chester, PA - MARS Christmas Parade in the downtown area @ 7:15pm This is a large spectator event and The Lone Ranger will once again be firing his colt .45 along the Parade route. At night this is exciting to see him firing. He will also be autographing picture postcards for anyone that requests one. info Amy 610-431-1121 (D&K)

** = Prior appearance at this location
+ = Tonto wil be at this event