Got Questions

Q: What do you mean by non-profit?
A: We estimate our operating expenses which includes travel, motels, gas, fees for assistants, meals, wear and tear on vehicles, road tolls, inclusive boarding for Silver, costs to replace and maintain costumes and show equipment, enough in reserve to start up again each year and other unexpected expenses. If we should ever have more in reserve after these expenses we will reduce our donation estimates. (To date this has never happen, we have always ended up short).

Q: What are my payment options?
A: For Shows we accept a deposit or the full balance by Pay-pal or by check (there is a $50 fee for any returned checks). When a deposit is made the balance is to be paid to the Road Manager upon arrival to your event. (This is to be paid before any show or parade is to begin)
Q: What's the difference between a celebrity look-alike and a celebrity impersonator?
A: A celebrity look-alike, by a fluke of genetics, happens to look like someone famous. It's very rare they also have the same talents and abilities as the actual celebrity.

A celebrity impersonator (or tribute artist) is a talented singer, dancer and/or actor who, through makeup, wigs, costume and of course voice and body language will effect the look and sound of the celebrity and recreate their act. It's very rare indeed that you find a genetic look-alike who can also perform like the original. Celebrity impersonation is an art. It's mostly makeup, costume, smoke and mirrors. Celebrity impersonators on stage who you'd swear were exact clones of the actual star, but when you see them up close, they look NOTHING like the celebrity. It's all about illusion.

For entertainment purposes, you're usually better with an impersonator. With us you get a look-alike Tribute Performer celebrity impersonator. The best of both categories.
Q: How soon can I expect a response to my inquiry?
A: We get a lot of inquires and you are usually contacted within a day, slightly longer if it's over a weekend. The more info you provide in your query the more quickly the booking manager can get back to you with meaningful information.
Q: I sent in my reservation request form but haven't received a reply. How long does it take?
A: We try to get back to you within two business days of receipt with either an email or preferably a phone call. If it's been longer than that and you haven't received anything, please call us! It's possible that your reservation request form never reached us. It states on the form that we will contact you to verify your event date and promote your event on our web site schedule of events.
Q: In your price quote, you offer a discount for booking within 15 days. I don't think we can make up our minds that quickly. Can we still take advantage of the lower price -- our event isn't for several weeks/months?
A: Sorry, but no. This is not a "surcharge for late booking" but rather an incentive for event managers who can make a quick decision. When an event inquires about their event date, we have to call around and get pricing and availablity for motels and stabling, etc. We get a lot of inquiries and when we do not have to do another quote for the same date it saves us time. Time is money, thus, the discount rewards those who make our job easier and immediately reserve their event date.
Q. We're not sure we can afford the full how. Can we do half the show for half the price? (Or, We only want TLR and Silver for 5 minutes...)
A: As we say in this biz, the client is paying for the performer to put aside their time, get to the event, get dressed and made up, get into character. Keep in mind that this also applies to getting his horse Silver ready, the assistants to dress and get the staging set up. It's more likely TLR will give you a little more time for the same amount (or just a little bit more money) vs. less time for less money. It takes the same amount of time (traveling and getting ready) to do a 5 minute show as it does a full show.
Q: How do I know how much it will costs?
A: We are a non-profit entertainment western cowboy organization. The donation we request will vary per event and is based on event location mileage, food, lodging, type of show, number of days you want TLR and Silver at your event and number of assistants needed. He will do special shows created just for your event which will be an additional estimate. We have to figure out all of this before we can give you a quote.
Q: Why do I have to fill out the booking form? Can't I just give you the info over the phone?
A: Yes you could call us on the phone. But you will still be asked the same questions. Also receiving the info by email enables us to start working on your estimate before you are called. Since the replies are all in your own words, there is little room for confusion, error or miscommunication.
Q. Can you send me a brochure?
A: Sorry, we currently don't have one -- a brochure with photos would be outdated in a week. We have our info on the website which is updated nearly every week, sometimes daily. We're always adding new things and deleting info and photos that are outdated. Much more efficient!
Q: Can I view a video or hear sound clips on your site?
A: This is an area we will be improving. There are some there now but will be improved with different clips of shows in the future. Go to "Media" at the top of the page.
Q: We want to book TLR and Silver for our event, but it will be cancelled if it rains. Can we get our deposit back?
A: Most likely we have turned down other events for the same date and time. If you cancel your event for whatever reason we might not be able to rebook that date. Sorry, but we have a strict non-cancellation policy whereas the deposit is non-refundable. Should we cancel your event then your deposit will be refunded. If you need a rain date, please inquire and we'll try to arrange it, but do expect to pay more. However you can reschedule to another date provided that date has not been booked.
Note: Ocassionally we have a waiting list. If we are able to book another event, then your deposit will be returned.

Q: Can you schedule last minute events?
A: It depends on your event and where it is. For last minute events, weekdays are usually easier than weekends. Obviously, we prefer to have at least a couple of days, but it's possible. It really depends if we have time enough to get every thing together. It take 4 hours to prep and wash Silver, TLR needs to have his assistants available and of course drive time to your event.

But realistic! Last minute events, putting everyone in a rush mode will be more costly and can only be done if that date is not already booked.

Q: I have heard of some businesses doing Lone Ranger shows. Why can't I dress someone up to look like your Lone Ranger for my event?
A: If you were selling pies and someone bought a peach pie and you put a raisin pie in their bag, do you think they would be happy with you? It is the same thing here. No one will be willing to settle for an imposter, something else, that does not look authentic like the real deal.

We want our fans and clients to be happy. We have an experienced, professional performer with a proven track record that has been written about by the news media as "the most authentic looking Lone Ranger and Silver in the Country". It is very doubtful that you can get someone, in house, to portray this character with authenticity and have complete knowledge of the history of The Lone Ranger, Silver and Tonto.

Every detail, The Lone Ranger suite, holster and guns, boots, hat, scarf, mask and gloves has been replicated. Silver is dressed in an original 1950's era western silver saddle and tack and is trained to do tricks. He is almost identical to the original Silver.

We believe you're better off with no Lone Ranger entertainment than with unknowledgeable, crappy, unprofessional and/or embarrassing entertainment as has been done by some tourist attractions.

If any event or tourist attraction is not using The Lone Ranger from Maryland then you will not see "A Tribute Performer" acclaimed by the news media as "the most authentic looking Lone Ranger and Silver in the Country". We suggest that no one pay to see something else and tell the event or business about us and tell them to get the best or you will not attend.
Q. I've heard we can get some other impersonator for less, how come?
A: This is not a single person act so remember If you're hiring more than one performer, you're paying for more than one performer. (The Lone Ranger, Silver, his assistants, staging and sound system) We have to conform to State laws when transporting a horse across State lines which is more costly because it requires horse health certification in some States. (For some events extra assistants are necessary)
Q: We're a charity / non-profit group with no budget but we need entertainment. This will be "good publicity" for you. Will you do our event?
A: Sorry, but we're also running a non-profit organization. We have expenses that need to be paid. Gasoline, upkeep on vehicles, feed for Silver, on going professional training for Silver, vet fees, stabling, maintenance on equipment, motels and food for the assistants when traveling. These are just a few of our normal expenses of which are not donated to us.

We all donate generously to the charities of our choice and unfortunately cannot give away our show to everyone who asks.

Q. We have a very small budget but want TLR and Silver, but don't worry, you'll get a lot of other business out of our event! It'll be good advertising for you. Will you do our event for half the cost?
A: When we "discount" to one event, every future referral call that results from that booking, also expects the same discount. Frankly, we get lots of business referrals from every event and last year we had to turn away a lot of events because their requested dates were already booked. For the past three years we have been fully booked by April for weekend dates.
Q: Wow, that sounds like a lot of money for a show. I guess I'm in the wrong business?
A: I doubt it. Chances are if you were a talented performer, you would be in this business. And it's not as if we are earning that kind of money every day of the week. Most of our shows are on weekends from April through October. We have worked hard on our shows, spent a lot of money on vehicles, costuming, training, wigs, production, marketing, professional videos and photos, etc. and earn every penny of our requested donation to pay expenses. If we are to be available for parties and events, we have to be able to cover our expenses to do thoses events and your event.
Q: We booked our event a while ago, but now we have to cancel. The event is not for another couple of months. Can we have our deposit back?
A: Our non-refundable deposit is non-refundable. That means we don't give back deposits. Hence, we call it a "non-refundable deposit". However if we can rebook that date we will refund your deposit. We do not want to keep any unearned money and will try to rebook if we can.