Our special and private events and Parades will be listed here.

  • May 21 - Stevensville, MD - Kent Island Days Festival - 10:30am Parade and then a Lone Ranger and Silver meet and greet with entertainment at the Park N oo to 1pm - Info Jack 410-829-7760 (D)
  • **July 4 - Washington, DC - Independence Day Parade - 11:45 to 2:00pm - Over 250,000 spectators. For more info contact Under the Sun Productions, info Amy 610-431-1121 or Pat 703.625.9613 (D)

  • August 7th - Deer Park, OH - Entertainment show with meet and greet at Chamberlain Park 4pm to 6pm - Info Antoinette 513.253.2296 (D)

** = Prior appearances at this event

Here are some States where we are currently working with specific events to do appearances:



Texas (2 locations)

We will be doing some limited special request events, private events and Parades

The people I have met across the USA have been wonderful.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your experences pertaining to the character and image of this great American Folklore hero.

There comes a time when things change and we must be thankful for what we have in life.

In 2005 I started doing the character of The Lone Ranger with my white horse named Silver. I am now in my Golden Years as a senior citizen.

In 2013 I went through radiation treatment for cancer.

In 2014 Silver had severe health problems with cancer. Hopefully he will be able to live a fairly normal life.

He is not in any pain, but does have some facial disfigurement due to his cancer operation around the left eye. More surgery is possible.

The time has come to slow down, and enjoy the available moments and time Silver and I have left. Therefore our concert touring all over the USA will no longer be done, but I will do some special and private events and Parades

You the people have been great and I will miss seeing all of you.

If you have a private event or special event or a Parade and are interested
in having us appear call 410-677-4972, leave a message and my agent will
return your call. Or you can go to our booking page and request an appearance.

Thanks for your support,

Garry Cherricks

aka John Reid

aka The Lone Ranger